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4.2.2020 |

Beer „ONLY“ in the first place, simply a matter of the heart…

Don´t miss visiting the modern beer restaurant „Královská Srdcovka“ (the „Royal Matter of the Heart“) with the heart on the right place and located in the centre of … Read More

The perfect gastronomic experience

14.10.2019 |

Experience gastronomy is today inseparably connected with modern travelling. Planning to visit a well-known restaurant is as common as planning a trip around famous places. If you are looking for a perfect combination of delicious food …Read More

#ID Bar & Restaurant

12.8.2019 |

“No love is as genuine as the love of food and drinks.”

How about trying something really special while enjoying a truly unforgettable atmosphere? Then visit the #ID Bar & Restaurant and get carried away on a wave of modern … Read More

Restaurace La Hospoda – more than Czech cuisine…

2.8.2019 |

A unique gastronomical project came into existence in Karlovy Vary – the La Hospoda Restaurant, following Czech gastronomy traditions yet with a fresh touch of modern trends. Even though delicious food and the best beer in the world are very important features of … Read More

Remarkable history and heritage of herbal liqueur

7.6.2019 |

The Becherovka Visitor Centre

The newly reconstructed visitor centre Becherovka can be found in Karlovy Vary, the birthplace of our traditional herbal liqueur. The historical building of “Steinberky” was built by Jan Becher who had it built in 1867 and … Read More

Neobyčejná večeře

18.12.2018 |

Co udělá každou večeři nezapomenutelným kulinářským zážitkem? Určitě jsou to kvalitní suroviny, šikovný kuchař, příjemný servis či překrásné prostředí. Nejlepší dojem ale na strávníky udělá tohle všechno dohromady a ještě něco navíc. A právě o tom pojednává zážitková gastronomie.

Dobří restauratéři vědí, že … Read More

High Gastronomy in Karlovy Vary

4.9.2018 |

Experiential gastronomy, which doubtless belongs to modern travelling, consists of not only good food, but also a pleasant environment, stylish meal presentations, and last, but not least, first-rate service. There is a restaurant in Karlovy Vary that meets all of these criteria. … Read More

Which meat to throw on a grill

3.9.2018 |

Buy good meat, heat up charcoal, add salt and pepper…that’s all you need for grilling.

The best steak is the one with lots of marbling ensuring juiciness and enhancing the flavour of the meat. The fibres of such meat are interlaced … Read More

National House or “Nároďák” The Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurant

15.8.2018 |

In 2016, the Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurant (also called “Nároďák”) found its place within the premises of the Ambassador Grandhotel – National House, with its atemporal architecture, becoming a place for social gatherings and beyond doubt gaining a place in the hearts of … Read More

Restaurace Palermo

7.8.2018 |

Each region in Italy is a separate culinary world with its own traditions

Full of healthy and fresh ingredients, Italian gastronomy is one of the best cuisines in the world and everyone likes it. You can enjoy this unique Mediterranean way … Read More