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ASTORIA Hotel & Medical Spa

ASTORIA Hotel & Medical Spa

| On 07. 6. 2019

A World of Calmness and Innovations

ASTORIA Hotel & Medical Spa is an inseparable part of the Karlovy Vary spa centre, attracting visitors not only with its unique location right opposite the beautiful Mill Colonnade but also with a modern medical background providing peaceful atmosphere and inflow of energy to its clients. The biggest motivation for this hotel are satisfied clients who will from the 1st January 2020 be offered a higher hotel standard – level 4*.

This applies to the central complex ASTORIA (104 rooms) consisting of 5 historical buildings forming a unique unit which thanks to considerable investments from the period 2017-2019 really has a lot to offer.

Depandance Wolker (38 rooms, standard 3*) is situated 300 metres from the Astoria complex, between Hot Spring and Market Colonnade. Its interior is interesting with its Art Nouveau construction elements referring to the old times of Karlovy Vary.

The offer of stays will appeal to clients looking for spa treatment as well as typical tourist and relaxation stays. The name ASTORIA Hotel & Medical Spa brought along amazing innovations. The hotel now presents itself also with its membership in the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants. You can check the quality of services for yourselves on various evaluating servers and social sites.

But what can you expect to find within the premises of this hotel? The biggest difference are the beautiful new rooms, which are available in four categories. Each guest will surely make a choice exactly according to his wishes.

The homely atmosphere of the hotel’s interiors is underlined by live plants. Also the nature-saving Green line paper programme is supported here. What can’t be missing in today’s modern world is WiFi coverage of all the rooms and extention of TV channels.

Another big innovation is the modernization of the premises of Medical Spa, enlarging the scale of medical procedures and procuring modern medical appliances to enhace healing procedures, part of which is also thermal spring water.

Guests will be pleased to find a light menu underlining the effects of spa treatment, offered newly in the form of rich cold and warm buffet in a restaurant with a unique view of the imposing colonnade built in years 1871 – 1881. Included are 4 types of tea, daily in unlimited quantity in the hotel’s tea room.

We may already reveal that in the following years 2019 – 2021, the hotel expects plenty of more innovations which will bring its guests even higher quality and enjoyment from their stay. However, don’t hesitate and visit the modern ASTORIA Hotel & Medical Spa now to relish fully the hotel’s comfort.

ASTORIA Hotel & Medical Spa
Vřídelní 92/21 | Karlovy Vary
Telefon: +420 353 335 111