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A Legend is back

7.9.2018 |

the Eames’ chair after almost thirty years again in fibreglass

Very few pieces of furniture symbolize the 20th century world of design better than the iconic chair by Charles and Ray Eames. Since its designing in 1950, the Eames fibreglass … Read More

High Gastronomy in Karlovy Vary

4.9.2018 |

Experiential gastronomy, which doubtless belongs to modern travelling, consists of not only good food, but also a pleasant environment, stylish meal presentations, and last, but not least, first-rate service. There is a restaurant in Karlovy Vary that meets all of these criteria. … Read More

Which meat to throw on a grill

3.9.2018 |

Buy good meat, heat up charcoal, add salt and pepper…that’s all you need for grilling.

The best steak is the one with lots of marbling ensuring juiciness and enhancing the flavour of the meat. The fibres of such meat are interlaced … Read More

The luxury that conquered the world

24.8.2018 |

If you asked random group of people about the symbols of Jablonecko, the answer would be pretty obvious. Without a doubt there would be a mention of the famous glass and jewellery, the main pillar of industries in this region.

Where tradition … Read More

National House or “Nároďák” The Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurant

15.8.2018 |

In 2016, the Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurant (also called “Nároďák”) found its place within the premises of the Ambassador Grandhotel – National House, with its atemporal architecture, becoming a place for social gatherings and beyond doubt gaining a place in the hearts of … Read More

The Spa Dandy amongst the Karlovy Vary Hotels

15.8.2018 |

“the vision’s ceased to be a dream, the dream’s come true”

They are the perennial pride of Karlovy Vary, as well as the local spa industry: the SPA Tchaikovsky Hotel, now with the recently built smart dresser, the SPA & Wellness Tchaikovsky Palace, both buildings … Read More