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Na jachtě plout za obzor…

2.7.2019 |

Milujete temnou modř moře, úchvatné rozbřesky a západy slunce, a něžné houpání vln? Tak plavba na jachtě je pro Vás to pravé. GUEST se alespoň na malou chvíli v následujících řádcích stane Vaším průvodcem jachtařstvím…Read More

Václav Balšán

2.7.2019 |

From his flat in Karlovy Vary, where he lives and which at the same time serves as his studio, Václav Balšán has a wonderful view of the colonnade, shared with his cat Emilka which he has saved. Via 730 useless days … Read More

Milk scented with mountain herbs

21.6.2019 |

V Abertamech má výroba sýrů dlouhou tradici. Již v 17. století se horské městečko vzdálené jen 10 km od Božího Daru pyšnilo lahodnými mléčnými výrobky z poctivého mléka…Read More

Ferrari P80/C

7.6.2019 |

If you are a hedonist and Ferrari collector, having a disgusting sum of money at your disposal ready to spend on your car, your door to a car company is wide open and it is willing to make almost all of your wishes …Read More

A place offering time for moments of pleasure, relaxation and meditation

7.6.2019 |

Hotel Mandarin Oriental

This luxurious five-star hotel with Asian touch was opened in 2006 in the Lesser Town near Charles Bridge. Its history goes down to the 14th century, to a time when a monastery used to stand here. A modern hotel in … Read More

ASTORIA Hotel & Medical Spa

7.6.2019 |

ASTORIA Hotel & Medical Spa is an inseparable part of the Karlovy Vary spa centre, attracting visitors not only with its unique location right opposite the beautiful Mill Colonnade but also with a modern…Read More